Creating Your Style!

The best way to personalize your look is with accessories. You can take a simple dress with glamorous accessories for a red carpet beauty or take an over the top ball gown and pair it with a simple veil to accent her shoulders. The combinations are endless.

In House Designs

Discover our line of custom pieces designed and produced by Dominique Levesque exclusive to our boutiques. She creates polished pieces including bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. All designed to compliment and finish your look. Most pieces are classic and can be combined or worn on there own. Hand made in Ottawa.

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Undergarments are the key to a perfect fit. Most dresses are made with a basic construction in them that help support the dress and give structure to the garment. On some lucky ladies this is sufficient, though for most our miracle bustier or our miracle waist are key in achieving the perfect silhouette.

Crinolines, also called pedicotes, are very popular in achieving the look you see in the magazines, like the full ball gown and defined mermaid. Make sure to try them on once you have found "the dress" to see the difference a few accessories can make.

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Let's Find Your Perfect Accessories!

Tiffany giving a testimonial for Dominique Levesque bridal.

“The service was amazing.”

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